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Angkor Wat & Beyond – Photography Workshop & Tour

October 30, 2012
November 6, 2012
US$ 3750
Siem Reap, Cambodia
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The mysterious carved faces of Bayon temple in Cambodia

Pre dawn light and mist add to the enigmatic character of Bayon temple (Cambodia)

Amazing Angkor
Thousand year old jungle temples provide the creative caffeine for our photographic explorations of the magnificent temples of Angkor. Simply mind blowing in their immensity and complexity, Angkor Wat and the surrounding sites that make up Angkor Archaeological Park are true wonders of the ancient world and recognized by the United Nations as a World Heritage site. Can you imagine a better setting for honing your photographic skills and vision?  Join Ken Lee and a small group of photographers on an amazing journey through the temples of Angkor and beyond. Early mornings and late afternoons are dedicated to image making, wandering the ruins when the light is best and the climate is comfortable. The hottest hours of the day are reserved for photo processing, classroom and demonstrations as well as a little time to just relax. Our itinerary pays due homage to the most famous sites; the incomparable Angkor Wat, the half-smiling stone  faces of the Bayon and vine enshrouded walls of Ta Prohm.

A saffron robed buddhist monk atop ancient temple ruins in Angkor Cambodia

A moment of reflection atop ancient temple ruins

Tree roots enshroud the walls of Ta Prohm temple in Angkor, Cambodia

Tree roots at Ta Prohm

Carved stone depiction of the Hindu god Vishnu inside Prasat Kravan

Hindu god Vishnu depicted inside Prasat Kravan

But we  venture off the beaten path early and often to investigate many of the less well known, less photographed ruins.

Beyond the Temples
Archaeological treasures are just the beginning of the bounty Cambodia has to offer the adventurous photographer. Serene scenes of village life, bustling markets and saffron robed monks constantly compete for your camera’s attention.  Nearby Tonle Sap lake, southeast Asia’s largest  freshwater fishery, is a magical place containing flooded forests, floating villages and incredible bird life. Our journey takes us by boat across its waters to explore this unique environment.

3 Cambodian girls in a hammock

Smiles abound in Cambodia

A floating market on Tonle Sap lake in Cambodia

A floating market on the Tonle Sap

Palm tree and rice field in Cambodia

A farmer tends her fields





Workshop Highlights

  • Your initial explorations Angkor Wat – take time to put your camera down and savor this unforgettable experience
  • Watching the giant carved faces of the Bayon emerge from the mist at dawn
  • Making images of endangered waterbirds in the flooded forests of Prek Toal Bird Reserve
  • Photographing life in the  of the floating villages of Tonle Sap lake
  • Artistic ‘aha’ moments or just finally understanding a confusing photographic concept

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