I Hope He’s Ugly

Image of Steve Coleman's Website homepage

If Steve Coleman is good looking, then life just isn’t fair. Amazing photographer, inspiring writer, accomplished designer. When they were passing out talent, this guy didn’t just come back for seconds, he stole the whole damn buffet. See for yourself. To top it off, he doesn’t do it for the money (the photography, that is). It’s purely his passion, his gift to the world. Now that’s just plain disgusting.
I actually met Steve when he dropped into my gallery in Steamboat Springs, CO. He was kind enough to drop me a complimentary note afterwards (a nice guy too, arrgh). Out of curiosity, I clicked the link to his website. Wow. His stunning images and the beautiful understated design of the site blew me away. Recently I visited his site again and clicked the link to his blog. His latest post on “Life & the Business of Photography” really hit home for me. And you MUST read “my thoughts and feelings about photography and life”. I think my favorite quote from Steve is “I’m in awe of how beautiful the world is, which is why I love to photograph it.” Says it all, in my book. O.K., I’m officially stealing that one. Oh, and “Close your eyes…What do you see?” How artfully said and he’s got lots more. So much talent. Please, tell me he’s ugly. But he’s an Aussie, what are the chances? Well, maybe he kicks dogs… One can hope.

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  1. ★★★★ Thank You ★★★★ “Thank you Ken”, I was pleasantly surprised to see your post… as for whether i’m Ugly (ha ha) I’d like to remain an international man of mystery 🙂 Cheers Steve

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