December 2011 Name This Image Contest

What's My Name?

It’s contest time again… with a twist this time. Click here for the entry form and all of the details.

I’m doing something a little different this month to wrap up the year. This image may be less ‘serious’ (whatever that means) than some of my other work but you can’t deny that it’s in keeping with the season! I hope it brings a little smile your face. As an added bonus, the winner of this month’s contest will receive their choice of any one of my limited edition prints.

The 3 amigos from left to right are Spike, Rocky & Midnight. I took this a couple years back at our house in Steamboat Springs, CO. We got tired of tossing out a dead tree after every Christmas so we decided to decorate this spruce in our yard instead. I think it worked out quite nicely!

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  1. Tenley says:

    Three Dog Silent Night.

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