I’ve Moved!

The Art of Seeing Website

I guess this is the internet equivalent of filing a Change of Address form:

Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know that most of my content is now at www.artofseeing.com. If you know me, you know that understanding and developing the Art of Seeing has been my core message for a very long time. I finally acquired the domain, www.artofseeing.com, in 2016 and I (with tons of talented help) built a site there that I’m very proud of. I invite you to visit and have a look around. For now, my image galleries will still be hosted here, but the Art of Seeing Blog and all information about my Workshops, Private Instruction, Speaking, Meetups, Contests and lots more new content are all now on my new site. Come over anytime, no need to bring a housewarming gift 🙂


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